The colourful mountain city of Zacatecas
The early morning light warms the ancient stones of Teotihuacan's mysterious pyramid of the sun
Popocatepetl lets off some steam
The peaceful  interior of  Izamal's central convent
Entrance to the convent in Mexico's yellow city—Izamal
The sun sets over the wild expanse of Mexico's Sierra Madre range in the wild Copper Canyon
Vendor selling rosary beads and religious memorabilia outside one of the many churches of Durango
Chicanná—house of the serpent mouth
Dancing fireflies light up the woods of Tlaxcala
A peaceful night descends on the winding callejones of Zacatecas
The glow of the lighthouse reflected in the shallow tidal waters of San Felipe
Toritos—Hand made firework monstrosities wielded with reckless abandon—beware the buscapies!
Ala de Ángel, Cascadas El Chiflón
Los Nubes, Chiapas
An ancient ficus, rooted deeply in the crumbling stones of a Mayan temple
Clear skies and star trails above Mexico's Baja peninsula
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